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LED display life expectancy factors have?

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 LED display development very rapidly in our country. Now in some parts of the city can see the shadow of the LED display. However, if the improper operation or of deep understanding of the LED display is likely to lead to shorten the life of LED electronic display screen. So what are the factors that affect the service life of LED electronic display screen? : let the technician to tell you about

Factors affecting the service life of the LED electronic display a: switch the LED electronic display notice:

1, the switching sequence:

After the tail: when switched on, the tail.

GuanBing: when the first GuanBing, then turn it off

(to close the computer's not display screen, can cause the screen body appear high window, burning lamp, serious consequences.)

2, switch screen every time more than 5 minutes.

3, computer into the engineering control software before opening the electricity.

4, to avoid all white screen in a state of the tail, because the impact of the current largest system.

5, avoid out of control in the state of the tail, because the system of the inrush current is the largest.

Did not enter A computer control software program;

B computer without electricity;

C control part of the power supply is not open.

6, environmental temperature, or heat condition is bad, don't long time should be paid attention to the tail.

7, the electronic display body part of a line of very bright, should pay attention to timely GuanBing, shoulds not be long time under the state of the tail.

8, the power switch tripping, often appear screen should be timely check screen or replace the power switch.

9, regular check hang it firmly. If there are any loose phenomenon, pay attention to adjust, and to reinforce or update a string.

10, according to the big screen display screen, control part of the environment, avoid insect bites, should be placed against the rat poison when necessary.

Factors affecting the LED electronic display 2: attention control part of the change, change

1, computer, control part of the power cord, and fire cannot reverse connection, plug should be strictly in accordance with the original position. If there are any peripherals, connection to end, should test cases are charged.

2, the control devices such as mobiles computing, should first check prior to power connection lines, control panel for the loose.

3, can't change the locations of the communication lines, flat connection lines, length.

4, if there are any short circuit, tripping the mobiles, burning line, the anomaly appeared such as smoking, should not be repeated electric test, should be timely find asked

Factors affecting the service life of the LED electronic display 3: software operation

1, the software backup: WIN2003, WINXP, application, software installation procedures, database, etc., it is recommended to use the "ghost" software, easy to operate.

2, skilled installation method, the original data recovery and backup.

3, master control parameters setting, basic data of preset modification

4, skilled use the program, and editing operation.

5, to scan for viruses regularly, remove irrelevant data

6, part-time staff, do not operate the software system.