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Crown creative LED display to the emerging field

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For full color LED display the creative application of rise, because of the 2008 Olympic Games in the bird's nest, water cube and the 2010 world expo venues beautiful was known as large cases. In recent years, business, culture, tourism real estate project development, but also for the creative display provides a promising broad heaven and earth.

In creative display development opportunities at the same time, we should also see, due to the small size of the market early this field, with some creativity shows as the main business of LED display enterprise is low-key, many clients and even employees did not know this area very well. How to tap into this looming market? The low-key and luxuriant application fields are worth understanding and attention.

Emerging field of creative LED display LED creative display 】 【 crowned landmarks

Crown creative LED display to the emerging field

What is a creative display?

Broadly speaking, as long as the LED display project of form and function are different from traditional products could be called creative display. Such as all kinds of spherical, cylindrical, or irregular shape profiled screen; Through more than one screen, screen and display screen and the surrounding environment interaction between to propagate the contents of performance LED display can be classified as to the size of the creative display.

Special creative display especially the LED display in the business, tourism, culture and the creative application of real estate project. Is simply, creativity display is LED display enterprise according to the whole design style of architecture, to comply with its function using product configuration, so as to reveal the deep implicature of the architectural aesthetics, culture.

The development of creative display

The development of the creative display can be divided into two phases.

The first stage is the image project phase. At this stage, creative shows that the main driving force for local governments. Along with the city square, stadiums, museums and other infrastructure construction, creative display in broad stage. And advertising media, performing arts leasing application field, used as image engineering ideas show that the main is government investment projects, focuses on the social benefit, rather than through business operations to achieve economic benefits. Based on the concept, the project budget generally higher, for some design ability outstanding enterprises has provided a broad space. 2008 Olympic venues and the 2010 world expo venue and city square column type screen, museum in spherical screen is the outcome of this stage.

Shanghai blueendless urban planning hall creative display project

Urban planning hall creative display project

At present, the creative display the biggest difficulty comes not from competitors, but potential customers for the LED screen in the creative shows the application of this is new, need to spend a lot of cost to communication to explain, to cultivate the market. In cultivating the market at the same time, the enterprise also needs and landscape lighting expert advice, they in the landscape and building lighting project in the concept of "see the light does not see the light", as well as lighting and architectural landscape with the technique is of great reference to creative display.

Finally, believe that through the efforts of colleagues in the industry, creative display will create more landmark project, in the show of "structural beauty" at the same time, for the LED display industry to open up new port.