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Silan photoelectric LED display shock struck P1.25 small spacing

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P1.25 is shenzhen silan photoelectric co., LTD., research and development of new product in 2016, the golden ratio with housing, to create gold field of LED display. P1.25 LED in with small spacing tungtay product characteristics on the basis of continuous innovation, product differentiation route, broadening the application market.

A small spacing, P1.25 LED technology parameters

The parameter name Product parameters


Pixel structure SMD1010 triad of LED

Pixel distance (1.25 mm)

Module resolution (96 x 108 W * H)

Quick die size (120 mm) (W) x 135 (H)

Module weight (0.3 kg)

Module power consumption (W) 60

Module composition module composition (W * H) 4 x 2

Module resolution (384 x 216 W * H)

Module size (480 mm) (W) x 270 (H) x 66 (D)

Module area (m2) 0.26

Module weight (kg)

Module pixel density (640000 HP/m2)

Module flatness (mm) of 0.2 or less

Maintenance mode Before and after the maintenance

Modules forming die casting aluminum

Optical parameters of the single point of brightness adjustment

A single point of chromaticity correction

The intensity of the white balance (nits) or 1000 (color temperature 6500 k)

Color temperature (3500-9500 K) is adjustable

110/110 (horizontal/vertical °) perspective

Markers center distance deviation < 3%

Luminance/chrominance uniformity of 97% or higher

Contrast, 3000:1

Electrical parameters of the peak power consumption (W/box; W/m2) 300; 1500

The average power consumption (W/box; W/m2) 100; 500

AC90 ~ 264 v power supply requirements, frequency (Hz) 47-63

Security features GB4943 / EN60950

Processing performance In the frame frequency (Hz) 50 and 60

Drive way Constant current driver, 32

Adjustable gray level 14 to 16 bit

The refresh rate (Hz) 2000 or more

Figures 16 bit color processing

Hd video playback capability of 2 k and 4 k high-definition pictures

Using typical parameters of the life value (HRS) 50000 H

Working temperature/humidity range (℃ / RH) - 40/10-10% - 80% RH (no condensation)

Storage temperature/humidity range (℃ / RH) - 20-60/10% - 10% RH (no condensation)

Second, the led display products P1.25 small spacing

Seamless Mosaic: the precision of the metal structure, to achieve the high quality seamless splicing effect, complete consistent video picture. Shenzhen P1.25 small spacing LED manufacturers

Fast dynamic image processing ability: nanosecond response time, in dealing with dynamic images quickly, there will be no trailing, ghosting phenomenon.

Ultra-thin: 65 mm thickness, low requirement to the installation environment, save space.

High gray level: can be up to 16 bit gray, under low light display gray performance remains intact.

Color uniformity is good: use single spot meter color correction technology, can ensure the brightness and color uniform when the products. And both color reduction and green reduction technology, let the picture color is more realistic.

High contrast: using high quality LED black light, tie-in black mask, contrast of up to 3000:1.

High refresh rate: stable display, without a ripple, flicker-free, true natural effect.

High brightness: 1200 nit brightness, higher than LCD and DLP display brightness, and can automatically adjust.